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Energy Efficient Air Source Heat Pump Installations

EU Plumbing install air source heat pumps in Watford, Rickmansworth, Radlett, Kings Langley, Pinner and the surrounding areas

air source heat pump

What is an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump transfers the heat from the outside air into water, which in turn heats your home.


Heat from the air is liquefied, which is then passed through a heat exchanger into the heat pump. The pump raises the temperature and then transfers that heat to the water stored in the radiators and hot water cylinder, ready for use in your bath, shower and hot taps.

Is it right for my home?

There are many homes across the UK that have installed air source heat pumps, there are two types available:

  • The monobloc system, where the components are contained within an outdoor unit with pipes that carry the water into the central heating and hot water system

  • The spilt system, which separates into two; an indoor and outdoor system. This is more suited to homes with space inside as well as outside

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