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Electric Boilers And Storage Heaters

Are you looking for electric heating?  Call EU Plumbing, serving customers in Watford, Rickmansworth, Radlett, Kings Langley, Pinner and the surrounding areas

Electric wall mounted boiler

Why have an electric boiler?

An electric boiler may be the best option for your home, especially when a mains gas supply is not available. The new types of boilers are very efficient and give you the following advantages:

  • No carbon monoxide

  • Low carbon footprint

  • Highly efficient

  • Solar panel compatible

  • Easier to maintain with less servicing

  • Flexibility to where it is installed

EU Plumbing can advise which boiler is suitable and where to install, contact us for more information. 




Electric storage heaters

Electric storage heaters contain either ceramic or clay bricks to retain heat, they generally use off-peak electricity overnight to store the heat in the bricks, which is then released in the daytime to heat your home.  Most models are 100% efficient as all of the electricity is converted to heat, but you should make sure you are on a suitable off peak electricity tariff such as economy 7, otherwise it is a very expensive way of heating your home.

The advantages of electric storage heaters are:

  • Simple to install

  • Zero carbon emissions if on a renewable tariff

  • Energy efficient 

  • Less servicing cost 

  • Long service life

Call us to find out more information.

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